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Birthday: March 12
Sign: Pisces
Where are you
from: California but my family moved to Las Vegas when I was 5 and I've been here ever since.
FFO Position: Social Media; I have played: Columbia, Rocky, Trixie, Transylvanian, Betty Munroe & Tech.
How long you have performed RHPS: I joined late August of 2017 & started doing Tech around October. My first performance though was December of 2017
Who is your favorite character and why: I can't choose between one lol. My favorite characters would have to definitely be Columbia and Frank. I love Columbia's energy & the outfits she wears. And basically everything about her personality + her voice. Frank...Well, Frank is an amazing sassy character. I'm pretty sure everyone has to love Frank. His charisma and the way he slays every outfit is just perfection.
RHPS Accomplishments: Joining the cast (I was always shy & doubted myself on joining at first back in early 2017 but I knew It would be something cool to do so now being able to be part of FFO is really rad. I finally took that step) Another thing was playing Columbia & doing floorshow. Columbia is one of my favs and playing as her is amazing. Also, being able to perform floorshow & kickline with the other cast members was a bucket list of mine so being able to scratch that off my list was gr8. I also became a Social Media assistant!
Other Stuff: I cosplay on my freetime & go to conventions. I love Batman a lot (as well as the show "Gotham") I also use to do Theatre in Highschool & I'm hoping to continue it in life lmao. I also like taking cool pictures of stuff.
Favorite Food: Chinese food
Favorite Drink: Jack in the box Iced Coffee or Hawaiian punch

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