Name: Aly 


Birthday: September 11


Sign: Virgo


Where are you from: Las Vegas, Nevada


FFO Position: Transylvanian, Trixie, Columbia, Magenta, Janet and Frank-N-Furter


How long have you performed RHPS: Since March 2016


Who is your favorite character and why: I love all the characters for various reasons but I'd have to say Columbia is my favorite because of her bubbly personality and it's super easy for me to perform as her since I am very similar to her!!


RHPS Accomplishments: Doing double duty as a Trixie and tranny; the spread eagle; and, debuting two roles, two months in a row. Also becoming a cast leader.


Other Stuff: Soon to be teacher, Broista at Dutch Bros, classical musician, Disney and classic rock enthusiast.


Favorite Food: In n Out burgers and Canes!!


Favorite Drink: Vampire Slayer Green Tea from Dutch Bros and hella coffee.

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