Name: Amanda

Birthday: August 8

Sign: Leo...and true to my sign.

Where are you from: Lake Tahoe, CA. yes, I am a California girl, that song was written for me, Katy Perry and I are tight.

FFO Position: Columbia, Trixie, Rocky! Frank in training!

How long have you performed RHPS: December 2010 was my first show.

Who is your favorite character and why: I love love love love love Columbia. Magenta too. I adore Columbia's squeaky high pitched voice and outfits. Magenta is just fun because of her monotone facial expressions.

RHPS Accomplishments: Getting to be apart of the cast!

Other Stuff: Other stuff? Stuff other than Rocky? Hmmm... I am a huge, extremely, I am also a LGBT activist, I read tarot, a proud Hufflepuff, I'm a writer too! I write for a magazine and I am a part of an online LGBTQAP support group. You can find it here :

Favorite Food: Vegetarian sushi and vegetarian tacos...i'm a vegetarian.

Favorite Drink: Tea. Tea. Tea. Tea. sometimes rum and beer. oh and tea. 

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