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Birthday: December 5
Sign: Sagittarius
Where are you from: Las Vegas
How long have you performed RHPS: Since August 2013
FFO Position: Cast leader, Trixie Mistress, Social Media
I have played: Frank, Rocky, Brad, Janet, Riff, Magenta, Columbia, Eddie, Trixie, Transylvanian, and done Tech

Who is your favorite character and why: I equally love Columbia and Frank. Columbia is cute and sassy, and I have a lot of fun dancing when I play her. I love playing Frank because, while he can also be a bit sassy, he just has so much confidence and it feels kind of powerful to play his role.

RHPS Accomplishments: Serving as a Cast Leader and Trixie Mistress for the cast, representing FFO in the Las Vegas Pride Parade each year since 2014, making the news for the 2015 Pride Parade and appearing on Fox MORE in 2016 and 2018, , representing our cast as Columbia in the Las Vegas Weekly, and meeting Barry Bostwick and the lovely Patricia Quinn (and talking with her about Doctor Who!)

Other Stuff: I am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. 
In my day-to-day life, I am a graduate student at UNLV getting my Masters in Social Work. I currently work for the University in the Student Diversity and Social Justice office. I love cats (and I have the cutest cat named Natsu). I'm a big nerd and I love video games (especially Zelda), animes (like Fairy Tail) and I love experimenting with makeup!

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmigiana

Favorite Drink: Passion Tea

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