Name: Austin

Birthday: January 5th

Sign: Capricorn

Where are you from: Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada

FFO Position: Tech, Tranny, Riff, Brad, and Betty Monroe 

How long have you performed RHPS: Since 2013.

Who is your favorite character and why: Brad because he is an Ahole, I also enjoy Riff because he kills Frank at the end of the film.

RHPS Accomplishments: Being able to stand in front of people in underwear and becoming a great warm up dancer for the FFO audience.

Other Stuff: I have a nickname A-man or The A-man and I'm also a playwright and I'm currently working on writing a musical, I'm very funny and enjoy singing and acting.

Favorite Food: Burgers, pizza, and chocolate

Favorite Drink: Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Coca Cola

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