Lisa Main.jpg

Birthday:  May 17
Sign: Taurus
Where are you from: New York, but I've been in Vegas since I was 13
How long have you performed RHPS: Since January 2019
FFO Position: Tech, Transylvanian, Brad

Who is your favorite character and why: I love Columbia just because of how fun, sassy and colorful she is!
RHPS Accomplishments: Finally joining cast after saying I would for 3 years!

Other Stuff: I have a degree in Nutrition Science but will never stop myself or anyone else from eating that second cookie! I don’t know what having free time means because Im still a student at UNLV finishing up my masters degree. Im a musician and love being front row at concerts… basically your typical "girl at the rock show!” I still play Pokemon Go and I’m addicted to planners and stationary and all things Lilo and Stitch!

Favorite Food: Vegan Buffalo Chik'n Wings!

Favorite Drink: Mango Bubly Sparkling Water, black coffee, and Taro milk tea WITH Boba :P