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Name: Jen 

Birthday: December 17 

Sign: Sagittarius 

Where are you from: Las Vegas, Nevada 

FFO Position: Trixie, Tranny 

How long have you performed RHPS: Since May 2005 

Why do you perform as your character: I like being trixie because i get to mess with people before the show and sell our prop bags which helps us cause we need the money and i like being a tranny because we get to do pretty much what ever the hell we want after the eddy scene...i get to just be crazy and it's ok... 

RHPS accomplishments: Attended Cirque Du Rockeil Convention, 2005 

Other stuff: I am big on performing. i enjoy singing and plan on going into opera. i also am an anime fan and love to cosplay and am the proud founder of three eggs and a piece of bacon cosplay check us out... other then that i am interested in the sciences and love bats and caves and would not mind studying them... 

Favorite Food: Calamari, sea food in general... 

Favorite Drink: Water...what can i say...i'm a singer...

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