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Name: "Cosmo"


Birthday: August 13


Sign: Leo


Where are you from: Cincinnati, Ohio


How long have you performed RHPS: 25+ years

RHPS Accomplishments: 
Cosmo is a 25+ year veteran of Rocky

Horror in Cincinnati Ohio. He is one of two people ever to win

both the Presidents Award from 20th Century Fox as well as the

Boss Award for the fans of Rocky Horror. He is the founder of The

Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation and is Chairman Emeritus. His

websites,, and others have become

the backbone of Rocky Horror on the Internet. He dedication to the

movie and it's actors led to him being involved with assistance of

handling the Estate of Rufus Collins. Currently Cosmo is the

Co-Host of Rocky Radio, the Internet's First Rocky Horror related

radio program. Cosmo was honored with assisting to write the

commentary for the Shock Treatment DVD. And his proudest moment in

Rocky Horror was walking up to Lou Adler at the 25th Anniversary

in Las Vegas and saying "Mr. Adler I'd like to introduce

myself..." and Lou said "I know who you are".


Who is your favorite character and why: Eddie, I have an appreciation

for his musical career. That's what brought me to the movie



Other Stuff: I own a custom electric guitar manufacturing

company. I collect old Phil Spector 45's, Rocky Horror Books and

Electric Guitars.


Favorite Food: Pork Chops, Montgomery Inn Ribs, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  


Favorite Drink: Pinapple Juice.

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