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Name: Dezarie

Birthday: January 24

Sign: Aquarius

Where are you from: Vegas Baby

FFO Position: Trixie Mistress, Costume Mistress, Janet, Trixie, Button Presser, and whatever you want me to be. ;)

How long have you performed RHPS: Since August 2012

Who is your favorite character and why: I'm going to say Trixie because she's a little bit of everything. 

RHPS Accomplishments: Getting the chance to play Janet and Columbia. Revamping the Trixie Dance. Earning the title of Trixie Mistress and I wear it well.

Other Stuff: I am Psychology major at NSC. I plan to work with criminals and become the real life Harley Quinn. 

Favorite Food: Humans. . . . Brains. . . . Eh. . . Souls

Favorite Drink: Blood, Tea, Ginger Ale because gingers drink ginger ale. That's why our hair is so red. 

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