Birthday: February 15
Sign: Aquarius
Where are you
from: Whitinsville, MA (The name's bigger than the village)
FFO Position: Co-Cast Leader, Tranny Mistress, sight gags, crisis control 
How long you have performed RHPS: 1st show - Oct. '06. Saw my first live show in '81; never had the nerve to go on stage back then.
Who is your favorite character and why: I can't choose. Each one is special in its own way
RHPS Accomplishments: Joined the cast a couple of days before the show and didn't mess up too badly!! Started as show photog & went onto the stage with the FFO sub-group Incredibly Hot taking 2 roles in "Hedwig & the Angry Inch". Been on the stage ever since! 
Other Stuff: I've been married since '87 to a really great guy. I'm into reading, travel of any type, crafts, making & fixing things around the house. We also currently have 10 "fur kids" so all in all, I'm pretty busy.
Favorite Food: Any seafood, as long as it's not fried or drowned in butter.
Favorite Drink: Various coffee drinks, Coke Zero & water.​