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Name: Emily

Birthday: May 3

Sign: Taurus (Stubborn Redhead) 

Where are you from: Born in San Jose California, raised in Utah to my overwhelming dismay

FFO Position: Columbia, Trixie, Janet 

How long have you performed RHPS: Not long at all but I'm looking forward to a bright and drawn out future 

Why do you perform as your character: I've realized what an absolute blast playing a character like Columbia can be. Besides, what could possibly be better than sequins, fishnets, fake tapdancing and top hats? 

RHPS accomplishments: Having the courage not only to squeeze my big ass into fishnet stockings and a garterbelt in front of a few dozen strangers, but also to bring my rather conservative mother and her date to my first performance :-/...oh, and not having to wear fake eyelashes. 

Other stuff: Hm...I love food, music, literature, I hate TV with the fire of a thousand suns, and I'm a gigantic history nerd. Shooting for a PhD in Theology/Anthropology some day in the near future, I have more freckles on my face than should be humanly possible, and I'm physically incapable of tanning. 

Favorite Food: Pasta and Sushi! 

Favorite Drink: Coffee, diet coke (YES, it DOES taste better!), cabernet sauvignon and apple martinis.

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