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Name: Jess

Birthday: August 3

Sign: Leo

Where are you from: Born and raised in Las Vegas (unfortunately)

FFO Position: Betty Monroe, Trannies (Lindsey Indgram and Gaye Brown)

How long have you performed RHPS: May 2006- November 2006/ Returned August 2010

Who is your favorite character and why: Columbia, she has the best costumes! Sequin and glitter is a real cat's meow!

RHPS Accomplishments: Trannie Master 05'-06', Resumed 2010, Props, performed at Tropicana Cinema & Hamburger Mary's

Other Stuff: I love photography, horror films, and could talk all day long about 70's punk tunes if I really wanted to.

Favorite Food: Soggy French Fries

Favorite Drink: New Castle

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