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Name: Joseph

Birthday: January 30

Sign: Aquarius

Where are you from: Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada

FFO Position: Dr. Scott, Rocky, Eddie

How long have you performed RHPS: Since June 2016

Who is your favorite character and why: Favorite Character is Eddie! He is only in there for one song and if you really think about the plot(or little of..) THE WHOLE MOVIE WOULD NOT MAKE SENSE WITHOUT HIM!

RHPS Accomplishments: I was here for our 15th year anniversary. I was Rocky when FFO marched for the 1st time in the Las Vegas Pride Parade. And I have a variety of characters (all except Frank) that I know how to shadow.

Other Stuff: I am a professional musician and actor. I have a twin who is also on cast. And these Krazy Koooks on cast are some of my best friends.


Favorite Food: That's like asking a Mother who is her favorite child!... but lezzzbereal. Real Chicago Pizza.

Favorite Drink: A big ol jug of sweet tea.

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