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Birthday: December 8

Sign: Sagittarius

Where are you
from: Hercules, CA

FFO Position: Criminologist, Transylvanian, Dr. Scott, Ralph Hapshatt, Riff, Webmaster, Tech Crew

How long you have performed RHPS: Virgin show: October 2, 2004; First show as cast member, Nov. 6, 2004

Who is your favorite character and why: Riff-Raff. He's put up with enough shit and is a master manipulator.

RHPS Accomplishments: Attended Cirque Du Rockiel (Las Vegas) in 2005, performed in We Are...Rocky! (Huntington, WV) in 2007, SinsCon (Los Angeles) in 2010, and El Fishnet Fiesta Dos (Tucson, AZ) in 2014. Was Brad Majors in the WAR and Fishnet Fiesta Dos performances of Shock Treatment, and was the first ever Winslow Leach/Phantom in the (reportedly) first ever floorshow performance of Phantom of the Paradise at WAR as well. Took part in FFO's short-lived experience as Incredibly Hot, performing Hedwig and the Angry Inch from October to December of 2007. On the April 26, 2007 cover of CityLife with the rest of the cast. Was one of the Criminologists performing the 35th Anniversary Show on September 25, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA, right in front of Barry Bostwick and John Goldstone. Also won Best Criminologist at SinsCon 2010! Was host to Mr. Perry Bedden when he came to visit the show in September 2012, and had a lovely dinner with him the night afterwards! Featured in the 40th Anniversary piece about Rocky Horror in September 2015. Met Barry Bostwick (again!), Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell Campbell (who called me adorable dressed up as Crim) twice in 2015: First at Phoenix ComicCon in May, then at the RHPS40 convention in NYC in September.

Other Stuff: Have been in Vegas since July 19, 2003. Have performed stage productions of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Ensemble) and Little Shop of Horrors (Mr. Mushnik). Transplanted SF Giants fan.

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Drink: Cranberry Vodka

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