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Name: Kari


Birthday: May 24th


Sign: Gemini aka Complicated


Where are you from: Washington, DC


FFO Position:  Co-Cast Leader / Janet / Magenta


How long have you performed RHPS:  Started when I was about twelve, putting on plays for my parents and their friends.  Officially started with FFO in March '15.


Favorite Character:  Janet.  I just like running around in front of a live audience in my skivvies.


RHPS Accomplishments: Incredibly proud to say that I've never fallen while on stage nor have I yet to accidentally reveal a crucial body part while in my corset and thigh-highs during our floor show scene.   This accomplishment may come back to haunt me very soon.  *knocks on wood*


Other Stuff:  When I'm not performing Rocky, I'm working my day gig in the Finance world, prepping for grad school, golfing, ballet, boxing, theatre, playing with my two pups, giving out free hugs, traveling as much as possible, reading, and constantly making overdramatic facial expressions.


Favorite Food: Caprese Salad / Italian with vegetarian options


Favorite Drink: Orange Juice and I pretty much have a bottle of water next to me at all times.


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