Birthday: June 15
Sign: Gemini
Where are you
from: Las Vegas
FFO Position: Tech and Transylvanian
How long you have performed RHPS: The first show I was a part of was Oct 6, 2018 doing tech for twisted Disney!
Who is your favorite character and why: Magenta is my favorite. I think it's mostly in that subtle sort of creepy, you know shes crazy, kind of attitude that she has. I fell in love with her the first time you meet her in Frankies castle.
RHPS Accomplishments: Right now, my biggest accomplishment with FFO is joining and being a part of the twisted Disney show! Can't wait to make more memories here!
Other Stuff: I love to act and write poetry, I am also working on a novel.(A few really, because I'm a little all over the place inside my head.) I am often drawn to things that are veiwed as weird, dark or can't be easily explained.
Favorite Food: Pretty much any type of pasta.
Favorite Drink: I guess I'd have to say water. It's not always the most exciting, but it's the only drink I want everyday.