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Name: Kimmy "Not Wong" Woodworth


Birthday: January 22


Sign: Aquarius


Where are you from: Cleveland, Ohio


How long have you performed RHPS: Since 2002


Who is your favorite character and why: Frank is my favorite because he's not afraid to live out his dreams and he knocked me out of my seat from the moment I first saw Tim Curry's portrayal of him. I love playing a character that's in many ways the complete opposite of the person that I am, but also brings out what's inhibited or buried. He's dynamic: gorgeous, evil, and always gets his way but is totally vulnerable when he doesn't.'s all about the booty.


Other Stuff: I just graduated with a BA in theatre and I want to continue acting until the end of time. I love theatre's ability to educate and bring people together--to me there's nothing else like it in the world.


Favorite Food: Shrimp New Orleans, avacados, Eddie, etc. etc. etc. I love food. 


Favorite Drink: A Pina Colada with a little parrot made out of fruit, wearing tiny plastic sunglasses. Yes.

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