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Name: KT

Birthday: November 17

Sign: Scorpio--watch out!

Where are you from: Noo Yawk City

FFO position: Founder and Co-Cast Leader, Costumiere; ROLE: Frank

How long have you performed RHPS: Performing since 1996

Why do you perform as your character: Frank--- he is the Master; Love the clothes...

RHPS Accomplishments: Frank costume contest winner: 1998, Las Vegas; Five Franks runner-up 25th Anniversary Con. Con Performances as Frank: RockyCon 1998, 25th Anniversary Hard Rock. both nights; FGTH 2001, CDR 2005.

Other Stuff: Costumiere RH and HEDWIG, member SAG; and I can't seem to live down Cherry 2000 and Amy Meemur.

Favorite Food: Anything Italian (without pimentos--eww), frozen custard, chocolate licorice.

Favorite Drink: Lemon Iced-Tea Snapple, Dr. Pepper, occasional Sunrise.

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