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Name: Shiva 

Birthday: I don't have one, that's what makes me special! 

Sign: Taurus. Yeah, I'm a stubborn, in-your-face, little bitch, but that's just something you're all going to have to deal with. I'm The Queen and you're not. 

Where are you from: This hot hell hole called Sin City. 

FFO Position: Magenta . . . because I really have no eyes. 

How long have you performed RHPS: I've been going to Rocky for the last eight years and have been actively performing for over a year. 

Why do you perform as your character: Didn't I already say I have no eyes, it was the obvious choice. No, I really enjoy Magenta because she's sexy and she's funny. There's something real special about Magenta and Riff, and I enjoy being apart of that. 

RHPS Accomplishments: I won best Space Scene Costume at the Convention in 2005, and got a really cool space wig from Becky for it!!! I designed most of the ladies costumes for our con performance. I have designed and made many other costume pieces, including wigs, for others and myself. I really love being able to replicate something from the screen that you can wear. Also being able to be apart of one of the best dressed and accurate Rocky Horror casts around. I have played other roles on cast, helped in preshows, etc. and it looks like I will be moving to Columbia next.... we shall see. 

Other Stuff: I have an Alter-Ego, and it's better than yours! I am actually beginning to think I'm insane! 

Favorite Food: Steak and Sammiches. 

Favorite Drink: Alcohol. It's the only drink that makes me feel better.

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