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Name:  Lisa

Birthday:  May 17

Sign: Taurus

Where are you from: Originally New York, but I've lived in Vegas long enough to claim it sometimes

How long have you performed RHPS: I've been on cast about two and a half years now, but between COVID and temporarily moving, I've done about a year of actually performing.

FFO Position: Cast Member

Who is your favorite character and why: Probably Brad because we're both super awkward to be around

RHPS Accomplishments: Finally joining cast after years of watching my friends do it!

Other Stuff: I'm obsessed with crocheting, animal crossing, Simple Plan, and my dog Scout! Fun facts: I've lived in Canada and have performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Favorite Food: My mom's pasta. And pizza. There's always time for pizza.

Favorite Drink: Water and coffee all day, every day! but Taro milk tea with boba is my favorite go to every now and then

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