Name: Effy! (My pronouns are they/them)


Birthday: I was born August 30th


Sign: Virgo baby


Where are you from: Lived in Las Vegas my whole life, but my family's from Jersey


FFO Position: I have been a Techie and also played Tranny, Trixie, Janet, and now my absolute favourite, Dr. Frank N Furter!


How long have you performed RHPS: I have been with FFO since September of 2016!


Who is your favorite character and why: I mean, my favorite character has to be Frank. He's amazing and intoxicating to watch. I don't know how anyone could pick someone besides Frankie! However I do also love Eddie and Columbia


RHPS Accomplishments: Well, my biggest accomplishment would have to be playing Janet for the first time, but overall just getting out there and having a good time.


Other Stuff: Other things about me is I really adore musicals and the theatre!


Favorite Food: My homemade Italian food or sushi!


Favorite Drink: Shirley Temple, buy me one sometime ayo

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