Birthday: 12/ 15/ 1996
Sign: "Enter At Your Own Risk"
Where are you
from: Chicago, but I've been in Vegas a while.
FFO Position: Cast Member, Costume Mistress
How long you have performed RHPS: Since December 2017.
Who is your favorite character and why: Rocky- he's alive for less than a minute and already he's singing about how much he hates life and if that isn't a mood..
RHPS Accomplishments: I have played Janet, Brad, Dr. Scott, Transylvanian, Trixie, and tech so far (but more to come!)
Other Stuff: I have different sets of dice for each of my Dungeons and Dragons characters, and I feel like that says all you need to know about my personality.
Favorite Food: All of it. That's how I keep up my figure. (But for real, sushi. I'm a slut for sushi.)
Favorite Drink: Whatever you want to buy me. ;)

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