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Birthday: October 27th
Sign: Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon
Where are you
from: Rocky Ford, Colorado, Home of the Meloneers
FFO Position: Frank, Rocky, Brad, Janet, Riff, Magenta, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Trixie, Tech, Costume Mistress, Social Media, and Cast Leader
How long you have performed RHPS: My first show was September 3rd, 2016
Who is your favorite character and why: Columbia because she's adorable and over emotional just like me.
RHPS Accomplishments:

May 2015: Virgin show

September 2016: First show as tech

October 2016: Performance debut (Trixie and Transy)

December 2016: Brad Debut

May 2017: Dr. Scott Debut

June 2017: Became Costume Mistress

June 2017: Magenta Debut

July 2017: Played Brad, both RHPS and Shock Treatment version, for our 16th Anniversary

September 2017: Rocky Debut

April 2018: Frank Debut

July 2018: Played Brad & performed in our Greatest Showman preshow for our 17th Anniversary

October 2018: Janet Debut
In March of 2019, I became a cast leader, which is something I've wanted since I saw my first FFO show at 16.

Other Stuff: Studying Education at UNLV and in love with a dork named Leo. I met my best friends and closest family through this cast <3
Favorite Food: Ramen from Ramen Sora
Favorite Drink: Irish Breakfast tea

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