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Birthday: October 7
Sign: Libra
Where are you
from: Las Vegas
FFO Position: Magenta, Janet Weiss, Frank N Furter
How long you have performed RHPS: I have been performing since August 2013.
Who is your favorite character and why: I have a great deal of favorites for many reasons. Magenta for her bitchiness, Janet for her bitchiness and objectification of sexual figures in her life, and Frank for his fabulousness in dress and action.
RHPS Accomplishments: performing as Magenta for my first ever Halloween performance, having the opportunity to perform as Frank for Halloween of 2015, MEETING PATRICIA QUINN AND SINGING "DEAR PRUDENCE" WITH HER AND ALSO MEETING BARRY BOSTWICK OMG
Other Stuff:  I am a Beatles expert, Parks and Rec enthusiast, and tea aficionado. I'm also majorly into Star Wars and the smoky-eye look.
Favorite Food: Brio steak salad sans mushrooms and bleu cheese
Favorite Drink: Iced tea (usually Mango Black and Youthberry)​

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