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Birthday: March 1st

Sign: Pisces

Where are you from: Born and raised in Vegas
FFO Position: Tech, Transylvanian, Trixie, Brad, Riff, Dr. Scott
How long you have performed RHPS: May 2017
Who is your favorite character and why: Brad Majors is my favorite
character because he can be super awkward, yet adorable.
RHPS Accomplishments: Designing the cast's July 2017 flyer, having been a social media assistant, playing two different Transylvanian characters (Pamela and Sadie), being a Trixie, and of course, playing Brad Majors in April 2018 and Riff Raff in August 2018.
Other Stuff: When I'm not obsessing over Rocky Horror, you can usually find me drawing, painting, or playing my guitar. I also enjoy cosplaying in my free time.

Favorite Food: Puerto Rican food! (Since I'm Puerto Rican)
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice

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