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Name: Rose Elizabeth Ellis

Birthday: March 21, 1998

Sign: Aries

Where are you from: Portland, OR

How long have you performed RHPS: 2 years

FFO Position: Manic Pixie Dream Clown (Columbia); Trixie Mistress

Who is your favorite character and why: Definitely Columbia. She's the most tragic character in the show in my opinion, with a lot of surprising depth once you dig into her character and why she's at the castle.

RHPS Accomplishments: Playing Columbia for a full term with the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, the longest running shadowcast in the world. Also, becoming the Frankie's Favorite Obsession cast cheerleader.

Other Stuff: If I'm not at work or acting with FFO, I'm either with my horse, or playing in Magic: the Gathering tournaments.

Favorite Food: At the moment it's sushi, but it changes every week. To be specific, it's Super White Tuna Sashimi (YUM)

Favorite Drink: Peach Sweet Tea Bangs (Because who needs sleep, like, ever)

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