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Name: Steffie

Birthday: March 19

Sign: Pisces

Where are you from: Vegas born and raised!

FFO Position: Trixie, Magenta, and in case of an emergency, Riff Raff

How long have you performed RHPS: September 2010

Who is your favorite character and why: Frank-n-furter - I guess I'm a little biased because I just simply love Tim Curry.

RHPS Accomplishments: Managing to pull off playing Riff, and being a part of FFO for a year and still going strong!

Other Stuff: I do concert photography mainly for Cobra Starship. I am a huge music buff. I listen to everything. Wanna know more? Just ask!

Favorite Food: Taco Bell

Favorite Drink: Raspberry iced tea. (Alcoholic? Vodka/redbull ;))

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