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Birthday: August 29

Sign: Virgo

Where are you
from: Born and grew up in Las Vegas, NV - I'm the real thing. Accept no substitutes.

FFO Position: Cast Leader and Co-Creator of FFO, Primary Eddie, Alternate Riff-Raff and Dr. Scott, Emcee

How long you have performed RHPS: Since November of 1999

RHPS History: Performed as Eddie, Riff Raff & Dr. Scott with Divine Decadence from Nov. '99 to June '01. Broke away from DD in late June of 2001 and co-created Frankie's Favorite Obsession. Starred as Eddie on the Rocky Horror Picture Show BluRay picture-in-picture feature titled “The Late Night, Double-Feature Picture-In-Picture Show”

Why do you perform as your character: Eddie's always been my favorite character. Best damn song in the movie; memorable appearance. Ever since the first time I saw the film I've always wanted to perform as Eddie. Riff's a great part also... except for the space suit... Dr. Scott, honestly, is out of necessity.

RHPS Accomplishments: I've won costume contests for both Eddie and Farley Flavors (Shock Treatment). Originated the live performing cast role of Swan in Phantom of the Paradise (2007, We Are Rocky Palooza). My name was mentioned by Mad Man Mike on the audio commentary for Shock Treatment (25th Anniversary DVD, 2006). I have met Patricia Quinn (Magenta/lips) who insisted on a picture, Richard O'Brien (Riff-Raff), Little Nell (Columbia), Stephen Calcutt (Tall Trannie) who said I look like a young MeatLoaf and braved the NYC subway with me, Perry Bedden (Greaser Trannie, whom I had the pleasure of having lunch with, along with Kimi Wong), Lindsay Ingram (Peg Bundy Trannie), Kimi Wong (Oriental Long-Haired Trannie; Richard O'Brien's ex-wife), Sadie Corre (Midget Trannie), Sal Piro (RHPS Fan Club President), Anthony Stewart Head (Frank, London Revival 1990 Cast), Ashton Kutcher (Criminologist Emcee at VH1's 25th Karaoke Show), Mick Rock (all the photos), Yasmin Pettigre (co-costumer for both the original stage production and the film). Have a personal autograph from MeatLoaf. Co-created (now defunct Eddie tribute site) with Scott McDonald (Come As You Are, AZ). Created FFO, along with KT Greene (check out Cherry 2000) in late June of 2001. In October of 2009 I went to the auditions in Hollywood for the BluRay shadowcast feature. I got a callback the next day, and in Feb of 2010 I was informed I got the part. Filmed for a week in San Pedro. The disc debuted in Hong Kong in August of 2010 and in October in the US. I’m currently available wherever BluRay discs are sold. Convention performances: 25th Anniversary (2000, Las Vegas – as Eddie in a preshow), Frankie Goes To Hollywood (2001, Los Angeles – Eddie, costume contest winner as Eddie), The Transylvanians Take Manhattan (2004, NYC – Eddie), Cirque Du Rockeil (2005, Las Vegas – Farley Flavors, Eddie), CRHAP Con (2006, Chicago – Farley Flavors, Eddie), We Are Rocky (2007, Huntington WV – Farley Flavors, Eddie, Swan), AC Con ( 2008, Atlantic City – Bert Schnick, costume contest winner as Eddie), The Celluloid Jam (2009, Cincinnati – Bert Schnick, Eddie, Swan), Sins Con 35th Anniversary (Los Angeles – Eddie, Bert Schnick, costume contest win for Eddie)

Other Stuff: Graduated the University Of Nevada, Las Vegas, majored in Advertising and Communications.

Favorite Food: Spanakopita, hummus, sushi, Italian and Mexican.

Favorite Drink: Flaming Dr. Peppers, Rum n' Coke, Jack n' Coke, sangria; um, Dr. Pepper, water.

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